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Donald G. Perrin PhD

Adjunct faculty, School of Management, California Lutheran University
Mobile 805-300-8080
September 2013

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Career Highlights

Academic Experience

This includes research, publication, teaching and administration in the role of instructional designer, media producer, tenured professor, director, department head, or dean. I held administrative positions and taught classes, workshops and distance learning courses for the University of Southern California (1960-69), University of Maryland (1969-75), California State University and Colleges (1978-2000), University of Maryland University College (2002-2010) and California Lutheran University (2006-present). I conducted faculty development, outreach and distance learning programs for these universities and worked extensively with faculty, disadvantaged groups, and students with disabilities.

As researcher and publications editor for the Technological Development Project of the National Education Association, I produced numerous publications and reports (1960-66). For University of Maryland, I developed and managed a Doctoral Program in Instructional Technology (1969-1975). For the California State University, I developed instructional media policy, media exchange, media database, and collaborated with faculty on instructional design and development (1976-1997). At San Jose State University I was founder and director of the Alquist Center for Innovative Learning.

Courses I have taught include: scientific cinematography, media production, instructional television, interactive multimedia, history and theory of instructional technology, management of media centers, instructional design, futures, Word, Excel, Photoshop, Flash, HTML, employee training and development, human resource management, management science, and business transformation.

Industry related experiences:

My academic activities were enriched by consulting, proposal development, publications, media production, project management and executive experiences in business, industry, state and federal governments, U.S. military, foundations, and professional organizations in the United States, southeast Asia, and Australia. In many instances, consulting was supportive of courses I was teaching, and vice versa. I authored, designed, directed, edited, produced and published in print, film, television, interactive multi-media, web and computer courseware, often in collaboration with teachers, writers, and innovators in various disciplines. Throughout my career, I have authored more than 100 print publications and 100 media titles, edited almost 1,000 journal articles and written more than 100 editorials. These include:

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (Australia): writer-editor, director, producer
–award winning films reporting findings of current CSIRO research programs (1954-58)

U.S. Department of Defense: Chief of Instructional Technology
–media policies for DoD, military services and defense agencies (1975-76)

Lockheed California Company: Writer and Instructional Technology Consultant
– innovative proposal for training Navy pilots (1979-80

National Training Systems and PC related startup companies: Technical Writer
–documentation for the burgeoning personal computer industry (1981-1988)

Hewlett Packard: Instructional Designer and Producer (for Educational Technology Consultants Inc.)
– training materials for business continuity program (1994)

United States Distance Learning Association: publications editor
ED at a Distance and USDLA Journal (print 1995-1999, Web 2000-2003)

DonEl Learning Inc: Executive Editor of monthly refereed journal
- International Journal of Instructional Technology & Distance Learning (2004 – present).

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