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Dr. Donald G. Perrin is a leader in adoption of new technologies for training and education. He has held major policy making, planning and administrative positions in universities, government, Department of Defense, industry, and foundations. He brings vision, breadth and depth of experience and interdisciplinary skills in academic and industrial settings, proposal writing, research, curriculum development, assessment, publication, media production and dissemination, teaching, evaluation, and quality assurance.

Dr. Perrin is active in instructional design and innovative methods of teaching. He played a key role in the nationwide Technological Development Project of the National Education Association. He developed the doctoral program in curriculum and technology at the University of Maryland . He initiated instructional development programs for faculty at several universities. He was involved in long-term planning and policy making for the Department of Defense, the U.S. Office of Education, and State departments of Education. He integrates academic and technical knowledge and skills.

As Founding Director of the Alquist Center for Innovative Learning at San Jose State University, he combined technology training with faculty and curriculum materials development. As Dean of Learning Technologies for the Riverside Community College District he designed, constructed and implemented the district-wide technology plan, state-of-the-art computer networks, student and faculty laboratories, faculty training programs, and a digital communication center.

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2006 - present   Adjunct Professor, California Lutheran University, School of Management, MBA Program

1998 - present   Chief Education Officer and Learning Architect, DonEl Learning Inc.

2004 to present  Founder and Executive Editor, International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, monthly refereed journal



2002 - 2010     Online Faculty, Human Resources and Management, University of Maryland University College.

2002 - 2004     Adjunct Professor, Information and Communication Systems, California Community College, Riverside

1999 - 2001     Fellow and Learning Architect, Multimedia Production, Ohana Foundation. Human interface design, curriculum and instructional design,
                  and production of Interactive Digital Video Disks (DVDs) integrated with Web.

1997 -  2000    Dean of Learning Technologies, Riverside Community College District. Prepare/implement technology plan including multimedia WAN/LAN networks,
                   servers, student and faculty labs; faculty training, and technical support.

1988 - 2007     Professor of Education and Founder-Director, Alquist Center for Innovative Learning, San Jose State University.
                  Train and support faculty to use computers, multimedia and Internet. 

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1995    Certificate in Total Quality Management, San Jose State University, 1995.

1982    California State Colleges Administrator Credential.

1969    Ph.D. Communications / Instructional Technology, University Southern California, 1969.

1962    M.A. Cinema / Education, University of Southern California, 1962.

1960    B.A. Letters, Arts, and Sciences magna cum laude, University of Southern California, 1960.

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Dr. Perrin directed federally funded research, curriculum design, media production, teaching, dissemination, and faculty development projects. He wrote proposals and directed projects exceeding twenty million dollars in grants and contracts. He initiated new and successful technology programs for education, government, military, industry, and foundations.

His major planning and policy-making activities include: advisor to state and federal agencies including Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Education, Maryland State Department of Education, California Department of Education, California State University, and California Community Colleges .

1997-2000 Dean of Learning Technologies, Riverside Community College District. Developed and implemented in one year open computer labs, multi-disciplinary teaching labs, faculty training labs, production labs, ATM fiber-based networks, WANs connecting three campuses, a cable head-end with 24x7 programming, and a Digital Telecommunications Center. Collaborated in grants and contracts: $1.7 million Title III grant for the Riverside Community College (technology author) and $1 million Adelphia grant for Digital Communication Center
1988 - 97 Founding Director, Alquist Center for Innovative Learning, San Jose State University
1976 - 88 Director, Instructional Media Center, California State University, Northridge
1975 - 76 Chief, Instructional Technology, Department of Defense
1969 - 75 Director, Instructional Technology Program, University of Maryland

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Dr. Perrin uses interactive technologies to stimulate creative thought and action and develop independent learners. He taught undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral students at University of Southern California, Alamosa State College*, Catholic University, Coppin State College*, University of Maryland, California State University Northridge, San Jose State University, Riverside Community College, and University of Maryland-University College Online. He teaches / trains students, teachers, leaders and managers in learning architecture, instructional system design, curriculum development, administration, research, evaluation, interactive multimedia and hypermedia, computers and the Internet, information technology and e-learning.

Partial List of Teaching Assignments


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Chair of numerous policy, research and evaluation committees for: U.S. Department of Education, National Institutes of Health, California Department of Education, Maryland Department of Education, Department of Defense, Federal Audiovisual Committee, Chancellorís Office, California State University.

Consultant to: Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, Council for Exceptional Children, Gallaudet College, John Tracy Clinic for the Deaf, Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, Model Secondary School for the Deaf, NASA, Small Business Administration.

Conducted national and state programs to support Students with Disabilities and Multi-Cultural Programs.

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Core-Data Systems, Decision Restaurant Systems, EEsof, General Electric Co., Lockheed California Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, ICUS-Singapore, LiveWorks, Lotus Development Company, Mullins Broadcasting, NASA, National Training Systems, Ngee Ann Polytechnic-Singapore, Ohana Foundation, SERD Inc., Silicon Valley Training Technologies, TEC America, TRAINEX, UNESCO, Universal-MCA.

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Dr. Perrin has received awards for research, scholarship, teaching, writing, media production, and public service including the George Cukor Fellowship in Cinema, James D. Finn Award for Research and Scholarship in Instructional Technology, and Commendation for Excellence In Teaching in the College of Education, University of Southern California . He twice received a Creativity Award for his media productions at California State University, Northridge.

Other awards include: Freedom Foundation Award and Washington Medal; U.S. President's Executive Interchange Program; Resolution 635, California Legislature. Dr Perrin was the first Chief of Instructional Technology in the Department of Defense while on the Presidentís Exchange Program. He was also Chair of Task Force #6 of the Federal AudioVisual Committee.

He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Kappa, President of Delta Kappa Alpha, and Vice-President; International Interactive Communication Society, Silicon Valley Chapter

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Session Co-Chair, Lessons Learned in e-Learning, TelCon, Anaheim, California, Nov, 2001.

Peer Online Learning - the Bensusan Method. Conference of the California Virtual Campus, Huntington Beach, CA, October 2001.

Session Coordinator, Corporate Training: Moving to the Next Generation of e-Learning.
Conference & Expo, Washington D.C., 2001.

Funding for Distance Learning (Panelist), TELCON XVIII, Anaheim CA, October 1998.

Community College Distance Learning Programs. International Distance Learning Conference (IDLCON), Washington D.C. 1998.

New Opportunities for Distance Learning. TELCON XVII, Anaheim CA, November 1997.

IDLCON Keynotes 1997. Directors of Educational Technology Centers in California Higher Education (DET/CHE), April 1997.

ATM: Key to Enhancing Distance Learning for the Next Century. International Distance Learning Conference (IDLCON), Washington D.C. March 1997.

Learning Styles Update. Cal-Pro-Net and Calif. Dept Education, Asilomar, CA, November 1996.

Instructional Design for Distance Learning, CSU Statewide Video Conference from CSU Fresno and San Jose State University, June 1996.

University of the Future, Chancellor's Office, California State University, 1996.

Academic Computing and Media. Directors of Educational Technology Centers in California Higher Education, 1996.

Instructional Design for Computer Presentations (with Jerry Kemp). Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Indianapolis, 1996.

Reinventing Higher Education (Keynote), UNESCO, Bangkok, Thailand, 1996.

University of the Future, Public Lecture, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, 1996.

Learning at a Distance. TELCON XVI, Anaheim CA, November 1996.

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Dr. Perrin has written scores of monographs, journal articles, technical manuals, papers, curricula, and proposals. He authored more than 100 media products including scientific, education and training films, filmstrips, videos, instructional packages, programmed instruction, CAI, CD-ROMs, DVDs, databases, computer applications, and web pages. He produced a series of statewide satellite teleconferences for the California Department of Education. Since January 1995, he has been Editor (with Dr. Elizabeth Perrin) of refereed monthly publications of the United States Distance Learning Association: ED at a Distance, USDLA Journal, and USDLA Journal Online.


1995 Ė. Editorís Podium and Editorís Notes, USDLA Journal, ISSN 1537-5080.

DVD Curriculum with Online Extensions for K-12, Ohana Foundation, Honolulu, 2000-2001.

Legislative Sidebar: ITFS Frequencies, USDLA Journal Online, Vol. 15, No. 4, April 2001.

Supply Chain Management, USDLA Journal Online,, Vol. 14, No. 3, March 2000.

Interactivity on the Internet and the Web, USDLA Journal Online, Vol. 13 No. 4, April 1999.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, USDLA Journal Online, Vol. 13, No. 2, 1999.

Technology Plan for the Riverside Community College District, May 1998.

New Knowledge Society and Higher Education. Education at a Distance. Vol. 11 No. 3,
March 1997.

Effective Teaching Strategies: Instructor Manual (Ed.), Cal. State Dept. Education, 1997.

Effective Teaching Strategies: Participant Manual (Ed.), Cal. State Dept. Education, 1997.

Reinventing Higher Education, UNESCO Keynote, Bangkok, Thailand, 1996.

Multimedia Consultant Report and Recommendations, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, 1996.

The Information Age: An Age of Innovation, Growth, and Learning on the Information Highway, Teleconference: The Business Communications Magazine, February 1996.

Child Nutrition Teleconference series of 4 three-hour state-wide satellite teleconferences and videotapes, California Department of Education, 1995-96.

The Internet, Where Digital Dreams Become Virtual Realities. USDLA Journal, Vol. 9. No. 7
July 1995

The University of the Future: USDLA Journal, Vol. 9. No. 2 February 1995 .


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Alliance for Distance Education in California (ADEC)

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT Ė formerly DAVI/NEA)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Directors of Educational Technology / California Higher Education (DET/CHE)


International Information Communication Society (IICS)

National Society for Performance in Instruction (NSPI)

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)

United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA )

World Future Society

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