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Government Reports

Media Selection Criteria, Undergraduate Jet Flight Training System (VTXTS): (Author-Editor)
Alternate System Exploration Study, Academics, Volume 3, Section C. Contract N00019-80-C-0468,
Naval Air Systems Command, Lockheed California Company, 2 March 1981, 1-36.

Respiratory Diseases: Task Force Report in Prevention, Control, and Education (Participant-Consultant),
Task Force on Occupational Lung Disease, National Institutes of Health, March 1977.
DHEW Publication No. NIH 77-1248, 137p.

An Evaluation Proposal for Audiovisual Activities in the Department of Defense, Robert G. Main and Donald G. Perrin,
Working Paper, January 1976.

DD Form 2054: Audiovisual Activities Annual Report, Department of Defense, Washington DC, August 1976.

Work Session on Utilization of Educational Technology and the Mass Media in Nutrition Intervention Programs
(With Louise Mojonnier et. Al.) and Diffusion of Nutrition Innovations and Use of Educational Technology (With Lawrence Green et. Al.).
Proceedings of the Nutrition-Behavioral Research Conference, National Heart and Lung Institute,
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD April 29-30, 1975. DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 76-978, 134p.

Proceedings of the National Heart and Lung Institute Working Conference on Health Behavior (Participant-Consultant)
Basye VA, May 12-15, 1975. DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 76-868, 298p.

A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Implementing Multiply Handicapped Programs at
the Michigan School for the Blind and the Michigan School for the Deaf.

(Writer-Media Consultant) Social Education Research and Development (SERD) Inc., August 30, 1974.

The School As a System, Educational Design for the Kendall Demonstration Elementary School,
Gallaudet College, Washington DC, November 1972, 24-34.

A Model High School: Releasing Its Potential,
Final Report, Planning Grant for a National Center for Educational Media and Materials
for the Handicapped, Catholic University, Washington Dc, 1970, Appendix D, 61-66.

Teaching Machines and Programed Learning 1962: a Survey of the Industry.
James D. Finn and Donald G. Perrin, Occasional Paper No. 3,
Technological Development Project of the National Education Association, Washington DC 1962, 85p.
Reprinted By U.S. Government Printing Office, OE-34019, 1962, 85p.

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