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Ohana Foundation

The integrated web-DVD standards-based curriculum for K-12 was ambitious in scope and concept. It was designed to provide high quality video and regularly updated web resources to areas of the world that did not have broadband internet connections. It would run on any computer with internet connection or using an inexpensive set-top-box on a television.  This latter feature made it affordable for any classroom or home. It was pioneered, pilot tested, and produced in Hawaii for US and worldwide distribution.

In 1999, I designed and developed the production technology, templates, and prototypes for producing hundreds of interactive titles on DVDs. In 2000 the project recruited scores of teachers, instructional designers, graphic artists, web designers, and IT personnel to produce 250 DVD titles. Moving from lab to production mode took longer than expected. A marketing decision to limit compatibility to the set-top-box, which turned out to be unreliable, crippled sales. The company closed its doors after September 11, 2001 downturn in the economy.

This was a brilliant concept that lost its market window.  When the bubble burst, inexpensive broadband communications were available much sooner than anticipated in the original market plan.

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