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Technical Reference and User Manuals

SuperScheduler I - A Scheduler for Real Estate Offices. User Manual, 1989, 64p.

Using the California State University Online Catalog for Media, 1987, 25p.

Using the California State University Media Reservation System, 1987, 10p.

User Manual, Fine Dining System, Decision Restaurant Systems, 1986, 245p.

How-To Manual - Programming the TEC Fine Dining System, TEC America Inc., 1986, 211p.

User Manual, (Computer) Fine Dining System, Tec America, Inc,1985, 181p.

User Manual, Design of Edge-Coupled Stripline Filters, EESof Corp., 1986, 79p.

User Manual, Design of Edge-Coupled Microline Filters, EESOF Corp., 1986, 93p.

Corona PC and Portable PC, Corona Data Systems, 1984, 152p.

Rana Systems 2.5mb Superfloppy Disk Drive System: User Guide, 1984, 44p.

SmartDOS, Rana Systems, 1984, 64p.

Rana Systems 8086/2 User Manual, 1984, 80p.

Rana Systems 8086/2 MS-DOS Manual, 1984, 260p.

Rana Systems 8086/2 Basic Manual, 1984, 320p.

Rana Systems 8086/2 Technical Reference Manual, 1984, 160p.

Elite 5h/10h Hard Disk Manual, Rana Systems, 1984, 108p.

Rana 10h Hard Disk Manual, 1984, 60p.

Rana ProDOS Upgrade Kit (Addendum to Elite Series Manual), 1984, 14p.

Technical Reference Manual, Corona PC-400 and PPC-400, Corona Data Systems, 1984, 220p.

Technical Reference Manual, Corona Mega PC Multi-User System, Corona Data Systems, 1984, 240p.

Computer Database for the Film Libraries of the California State University,
Film Library Intercampus Consortium (FLIC),
1984, 1863 P. (60 Mbytes)

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