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Professional Experience: Research and Teaching

California Luthern University - School of Management
2006-present Adjunct Faculty

International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
2004-present Founder and Executive Editor.

University of Maryland University College
2001-present Adjunct Professor, College of Business.
 Online course: Employee Training and Development

Riverside Community College District
2001-2003  Adjunct Instructor, Computers and Information Systems.
Courses: Microsoft Office, PageMaker, Photoshop, Flash, Multimedia, HTML, FrontPage.

United States Distance Learning Association
1995-2003  Editor, Ed at a Distance and USDLA Journal refereed Journal 98 monthly issues.

San Jose State University
1988-97       Professor, Department of Instructional Technology. Courses: Instructional Design,
Advanced Instructional Design, Research and Theory of Instructional Technology,
Advanced Research, Interactive Video, Futures in Education (on ITFS-TV).

California State University, Northridge
1976-88       Professor (Director IMC). Taught Courses in Dept. of Radio, Television & Film.

University of Maryland
                        1973            Promoted from Associate to Professor.

1969-73       Associate Professor, Administration, Supervision and Curriculum, College Park Campus. Courses:
Research in instructional technology, Innovations in Instructional Technology Systems, Curriculum and technology, Multimedia Production.
Chair, advisor, committee member or chair for theses and dissertations.

University of Southern California

1964-69       Assistant Professor, Department of Instructional Technology, School of Education. Taught: Research and Theory in Instructional Technology, Instructional Design, Media Production, Classroom Utilization and Evaluation of Media. Advised Masters and Doctoral Students. Taught Level I NDEA Media Institutes.

1963-64       Research Associate, Cinema Research, University of Southern California.

1961-63       Research Associate, Technological Development Project of the National Education Association. Innovations Research: Published Monographs and Occasional Papers.

1960-63      Visiting Assistant Professor, University College

Professional Experience: Academic Administration

Ohana Foundation

1999-2002  Fellow and Learning Architect. Selected and/or designed technologies, templates and production procedures for production of 250 DVD-Web learning programs.

Riverside Community College District

1997-1999   Dean of Learning Technologies, Riverside Community College District. Developed and implemented computer labs, multi-disciplinary teaching labs, faculty training labs, production labs, ATM fiber-based networks, WANs connecting three campuses, cable head-end with 24x7 programming, Digital Telecommunications Center. Technology author for $1.4 million Title III grant for Riverside Community College, City Campus; $640,000 Adelphia grant for Digital Communication Center for Moreno Valley Campus.

San Jose State University

1988-97                Founder and Director of the Alquist Center for Innovative Learning. Mission: to explore, implement and evaluate interactive learning technologies for use in classrooms, laboratories, libraries and distance education. The Center provides training and support for faculty in selection, design, development, production and evaluation of interactive multimedia courseware and a testing ground for interactive lesson materials developed by faculty. Coauthor - Codirector of funded projects exceeding $1,000,000.

California State University Northridge

1985-88                  Director, Faculty Development and Educational Computing. Faculty training and collaborative development of curriculum and media projects and proposals.
Designed and implemented Media Database for six CSU campuses.
Coauthor and Co-Director of funded projects exceeding $1,000,000.

1976-82      Director, Instructional Media Center.
Liaison with Chancellors Office, IMC Directors on other campuses, national and local professional groups, CSUN administration, deans, directors, faculty, staff and students.

Formulation of policy and planning, organizing, directing and evaluating media center activities including instructional development, media production and audiovisual services.

Personnel management of IMC faculty and staff including staff selection and assignment, preparation of position descriptions, training, supervision, guidance, counseling, evaluation, reclassification, reorganization or other appropriate personnel action.

Program management including budget planning, fiscal management, cost benefit analysis, scheduling, proposal writing, report writing, preparation of publications, introduction of new and improved services, design of facilities and selection of equipment. Augmented IMC funds by over $1,000,000.

Support programs for faculty development and distance learning.

Program outreach including participation in community, city, state and national activities; planning for outreach with ITFS, cable television, microwave and satellite.

University of Maryland

1974-75      Chair, Task Force on Instructional Development, University of Maryland. Conducted surveys and initiated program in Instructional Development. Coauthor and Co-Director of funded projects exceeding $1,000,000.

1972-75      Director, Instructional Technology Program, College of Education, University of Maryland. Developed graduate program from 50 students in 1969 to 450 students in 1975. Served on 35 Masters Committees, 42 Doctoral Committees, Chaired 7 Dissertations.

1971-74       Project Director, Program for Administrators in Curriculum and Technology (PACT), College Park MD. Designed program, selected participants, managed logistical and fiscal aspects of program.

1971-72       Director, Program Design Study for the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Washington D.C. Directed consultants and production personnel to develop innovative teaching programs.

University of Southern California

1967, 68      Co-Director, Summer Institute for Teachers/Supervisors of Disadvantaged Youth, Los Angeles CA. Planned and coordinated a six week experience in the ghettos of Watts and East Los Angeles for multi-ethnic teams of teachers and administrators.

Professional Experience: Curriculum Development

Ohana Foundation

1999-2002   Fellow and Learning Architect. Selected and/or designed technologies, templates and adaptation of standardized curriculum for production of 250 DVD-Web learning programs for K-12, Meets curriculum standards in 50 states and in overseas markets.

San Jose State University

1992-1997   Founder and Director, Alquist Center for Innovative Learning - a resource for faculty to learn how to apply digital technologies in curriculum and  classroom.

1988-1992   Associate Director, Instructional Media Services and Faculty Coordinator of Instructional Design and Development

1983-88       Coordinator. Instructional Design and Development Including Computer Assisted Instruction.

1979-81       Curriculum and Instructional Technology Consultant to Lockheed California Corporation. The U.S. Navy sub-contracted the Training System for Naval Aviators as part of its contract for a new training airplane, the VTXTS. At that time it was the largest training contract ever let on bid by a federal or military organization. Acceptance of the initial planning proposal resulted in Phase II Planning Grant Funding.

1976-           IMC Director. Proposal Writing and instructional development support to schools, departments and faculty, California State University Northridge.

1974-75       Chair, Task Force on Instructional Development, University of Maryland. Conducted surveys and initiated program in Instructional Development.

1971-74       Author and Director, Program for Administrators in Curriculum and Technology (PACT), College Park MD. Designed and implemented special curriculum for mid-career students working toward a Doctorate in Educational Administration, Curriculum and/or Instructional Technology.

1971-72       Director, Program Design Study for the Model Secondary School for the Deaf, Washington D.C. Designed curriculum materials and instructional systems for hearing impaired students.

1969-71       Coordinator, Committee to Develop Guidelines for Graduate Programs in Curriculum, College of Education, University of Maryland. Produced and published integrated curriculum with common and specialized learnings for doctoral programs in administration, curriculum, instructional technology, and interdisciplinary masters program with the School of Library Science and Information Services.

1967,68       Co-Director, Summer Institute for Teachers and Supervisors of Disadvantaged Youth, USC, Los Angeles, CA. Designed and implemented curriculum to sensitize teachers and supervisory personnel to the needs of disadvantaged white and minority students in integrated settings.

Other Professional Experience: Program Management and Evaluation

1975-76      Chief, Instructional Technology, Directorate for Audiovisual Activities, Department of Defense (DOD/DAVA/OIF). Participated in President's Executive Exchange Program to develop policy, reporting systems, evaluation programs and instructional technology components of DAVA mission. Coordinated reporting system with all military services and defense agencies. Conducted a parallel project as Chair of Task Force #6 of the Federal Audiovisual Committee to develop a reporting system for all federal agencies.

1974-76       Proposal Reader and Site Reviewer. National Institutes of Health, National Heart and Lung Institute. Evaluated research proposals and projects in interdisciplinary teams.

1974            Evaluator. Multiple-Handicapped Programs at the Michigan School for the Deaf and the Michigan School for the Blind (for Social Education Research and Development (SERD) Inc., Silver Spring MD).

1966-80       Proposal Reviewer and Project Evaluator. United States Office of Education, Bureau of Education for the Handicapped.
Evaluated proposals and performed site visits of USOE/BEH projects nationwide. Chair of focus groups and site visit teams.
Project evaluation included evaluation of programs and personnel.

Professional Experience: Outreach to Institutions and Community

Visiting Professor - Summer Institutes/Workshops

1972,73       Ohio State University, Columbus OH

1971,72,73   Coppin State College, Baltimore MD

1969            National Media Institute for Teachers, Beverly Hills CA

1968,69       University of Nebraska, Lincoln NB

1968            California State Department of Education, Santa Barbara CA

1962,65,66   Adams State College, Alamosa CO

Director - Major Institutes and Workshops

1996            California Department of Education, Satellite Teleconferences,

1995            California Department of Education, Child Nutrition Update, Asilomar, CA

1979-80       CSU Chancellor Office  Conference and Systemwide Dissemination - Educational Equity for Students with Disabilities

1978            Directors of Federal Departments, Los Angeles CA

1977            Captioned Films Workshop, Los Angeles CA

1969            National Aeronautics & Space Administration, Ames Research Laboratories, Palo Alto CA

1970            American Association for Junior Colleges, Washington DC

1967            Diploma Schools of Nursing of Southern California, Los Angeles CA

1966            Redondo Beach City Schools, Redondo Beach CA

1964, 67      Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers, Los Angeles CA

Consulting: Schools K-12

1977-79       Riverside School for the Deaf CA - IEPs

1971-74       Queen Anne School, Upper Marlboro MD

1969-70       Oakland Schools, Detroit MI

1969-75       Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, DC

1968-75       Model Secondary School for the Deaf, DC

1966-69       Pilot Project, Riverside School for the Deaf CA

1964-69       John Tracy Clinic for the Deaf, Los Angeles CA

Consulting: Post-Secondary Education

1998-99       Chancellor's Task Force on Satellite Telecommunications, California State College System

1979-80       Task Force on Annual Reporting System for Instructional Development and Media Services (CSU)

1978-79       Task Force on Telecommunications (CSU)

1976-78       Chair, Task Force on Policy for Instructional Development and Media Services,
Executive Committee of Media Center Directors, California State University (CSU)

1974-76       University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC

1974-75       Task Force on Educational Technology, Maryland State Department of Education

1974            University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI

1973-76       Howard Community College, Columbia MD

1972-75       Montgomery College, Rockville MD

1972-75       Dundalk Community College, Dundalk MD

1970-74       National Advisory Committee, Fellowship for
Teachers of the Deaf Project,' Syracuse University

1969-71       Catholic University, Washington DC

1968-75       Gallaudet College, Washington DC

1968-71       University of New Mexico, Las Cruces NM

1968-69       Southern California Regional Occupational Center, Torrance CA

1967-68       Pacific Azusa College, Azusa CA

Consulting: Non-Profit and Governmental Institutions

1974-77       National Institutes of Health

1973-75       Small Business Administration

1971-73       Council for Exceptional Children

1971             Educational Research Information Exchange

1970-71       American Association of Junior Colleges

1968-80       United States Office of Education

1968-74       National Advisory Committee for the Deaf USOE/BEH

Public Service

1989-92       Executive Committee and Vice-President, International Information and Communication Society (IICS), San Francisco

1986            Master of Ceremonies, National Awards Banquet, Los Angeles Film Teacher's Association Film and Video Festival

1984-85       Master of Ceremonies, National Awards Banquet, Hollywood Teenage Film Festival

1981-84       Board of Directors, San Fernando Valley Arts Council

1968-69      Charter Member, Citizens Advisory Committee, Los Angeles Police Department

1968-69       Member, Media Advisory Board, Southern California Regional Occupational Center

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