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California Department of Education
Child Nutrition Program

The Child Nutrition Program was a San Jose State University project funded by the California Department of Education. I was Director of the Cal-Pro-Net Project from 1994-1997. There were three key components:

1. Develop a state-wide Curriculum in Child Nutrition. This was done incrementally between 1994-1997 using subject matter experts, Department of Education personnel, and periodic meetings with Nutrition and Education professionals.

2. Conduct Workshops to train nutrition personnel to implement this curriculum. Workshops were conducted on campuses with leading hospitality and nutrition programs such as California State University, Pomona. Others were conducted in retreat settings such as Asilomar in Monterey.

3. Expand training to the broadest base possible using Satellite Teleconferences. A series of four statewide teleconferences were prepared to speed dissemination of current information and the new curriculum. This proved an effective means of reaching a large number of nutritionists and food service personnel. By coincidence, the first teleconference on safe food handling occurred a few days after fatal food poisoning in a fast food restaurant. The question and answer session drew an overwhelming response.

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